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Our Products

We have a range of products across our sites


Our huge New York City style pizza slices are perfect for a grab & go lunchtime meal
Available in Northampton Wednesdays to Saturdays 12 - 3pm


Our lunchtime menu comes with a 20 minute guarantee.  These slightly smaller pizzas are perfect for a sit down meal at lunch.
Available in Northampton Wednesday to Friday until 4:30pm


Our dough is made using imported Italian flour, and made daily on site.  No mass made factory produced rubbish filled with all sorts of stuff!


We dont use a conveyor oven.  We cook our pizzas to order on a stone base at over 300 degrees for that perfect base


All our dough is vegan friendly! Whats even better is that we offer dairy free cheese and mock meats!
Did we mention we also have dairy free cheesecakes? Ideally these need pre-ordering to guarantee a slice, however we do sometimes have some spare!
This is available both to dine in, and to also order as delivery


You can preorder some absolutely AMAZING gluten free bases! These are nothing like the cardboard tasting rubbish you can get elsewhere.
If you would like a GF base, please let us know in advance so we can ensure this is reserved and prepared safely for you
We also offer gluten free cheesecakes which will also need to be reserved in advance


Can you eat a 20 inch pizza within 20 minutes? If you can then you get the pizza for free, your name on our wall of fame, a big bottle of Brooklyn Beer and bragging rights to being one of a few to have completed this challenge.  If you lose you get to hang your head in shame.


This is available as a pepperonie or a vegetable pizza and will need pre-booking.  This is available in Northampton.
If you do not complete the challenge then the cost is £25


We have absolutely gorgeous cheesecakes! We never have the same one for more than a couple of days so the choice varies each time you come! We always welcome people to come in and have a cheesecake without having had a pizza!


We have amazing pizzas that you can have as a dessert! You can try our tasty fruit pizza, or mix it up and have a Nutella Pizza! 


We have partnered up with The Brooklyn Brewery to offer a wide selection of their drinks which are imported from Brooklyn, New York.  We are pleased to boast we have one of the widest selection of Brooklyn Brewery products in Europe!
These can also be purchased for collection and delivery


We stock a huge range of The Brooklyn Brewerys infamous Quarterly Experimental Beers at our Northampton restaurant! Ask a member of the team for more details

20/20 Challenge